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Success Stories

“Our practice switched to Maher & Company in the summer of 2003. The professionals at Maher & Company offer sound advice and are always available and friendly. They give customer…”

Jim P. Kidd, Executive Director, St. Peters Bone & Joint Surgery, Inc.

“I am pleased to unreservedly recommend to you Maher & Company.  I have been using their services continually since 1987.  Maher & Company have handled all our needs in start-up…”

Thomas V. Connelly, Jr., Stellar Manufacturing Company

“Esse Health engages Maher & Co for all our audit and tax requirements.  We practice in a very complex healthcare industry with a variety of related entities.  The Maher professionals…”

Michael Castellano, CEO, Esse Health

“Maher & Company has been our trusted audit and tax accounting partner for over twenty years handling our day-to-day needs as well as being an invaluable partner during the planning…”

Rob Johnes, President, Helmkamp Construction Company
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